Vision thing

Here I am, Berlin. The official stuff is done and over and now it’s time for a little vacation. I friend of mine who moved to this beautiful city a few years ago introduced me to a club called “Club der Visionäre” which is like a dance club, a pub and an ‘alternative beer garden’ in one piece. If you that kind of person who enjoys to be outside and hang around and chill with some friends, this is definitely the spot where you can satisfy your needs. Give it a try…


Hopefully I am going to have the chance to take some pictures here.  I am not sure if I should go out tomorrow and wander around in some of the more alternative boroughs or if I should do the standard 08/15 tourist trip. We’ll see how big the riots are going to be here in town…

Biiig, FAAAT B.

A trip to Berlin is just around the corner and I am very excited about this. I missed this city so much since my last stay there, to be honest I miss this god damn city every day. My hometown is small and ugly and you get bored pretty fast. I don’t know what’s so special about Berlin, but this is actually the city where I really feel like home and most important where I do not feel like an alien watched by ultraaa-normal people. The kind of people that live in Magdeburg, aka my hometown, is stupid and stereotype in my opinion. I always say, you feel like being in a small village that believes it is a large metropolis.

Berlin by ~Johnny-Blanko

Of course you are able to find some truely nice spots here but it’s rare or not my matter of taste. I prefer cities that give me the feeling that something big and mighty surrounds me and most important with a large variety of public transport. If I could I would travel the whole day through Berlin by riding the suburban train and just watch. Hopefully I will be able to grab some nice shots and will not screw up like I did the last few times.

From Zero to Zen

Finally I am a proud owner of a Creative Zen X-Fi2 MP3 player. As you may know, the jack on my Sony Ericsson mobile is broke and I was not able to listen to music while wandering around or suffering in the gym. Due to the fact that I couldn’t really live like this I decided to gather every single cent and buy me a new MP3 player. A new mobile wouldn’t have made any sense because I do not actually use a mobile phone for telephoning though.

What shall I say, I really like this Zen player. The sound is awesome, as usual by Creative products. It’s easy to understand and to handle and does not include too many useless functions. One thing I am not very familiar with is the touch screen but this is reasonable because it’s my first MP3 player with touch screen.

zazen by Vanishing-S

I listened to different kinds of music from AC/DC to Wolfmother, from Chemical Brothers to The Prodigy and everything sounded well and absolutely clear and in general much better than I personally expected. The X-Fi processor does a great job and does not sounds too artificial or alienates the music. Yes, this player was a good investment and I look forward to my next longer trip by train accompied by the wonderful sound of ZEN…

Weather experience

So, what’s wrong with the world and our weather god? Huh?

The weather forecast in the morning told me : “The sun is going to shine today” – “It’s getting warmer” – “All you people will feel like being in the summer” – “The winter is finally gone”

Well, by believing these ‘predictions’ I decided on this very morning on this very 26th of April Two-K-Ten that the time is now to wear short pants. I need to mention that I totally like to wear short pants. It is a kind of freedom to feel that the cloth ends right under your knee, not to speak of the indirect “air conditioning”. I also need to mention that I am a person that sweats, if you know what I mean, so I grab every little cooling I can get.

Anyhow, the forecast was wrong on this very morning on this… well, you know… it started to rain, it got colder and I felt like a kind of displaced. BUT, keep that in your mind, I will not bow down before the power and might of mother nature and its weather experiments, I’ll keep on wearing these short pants until the weather report tells me that the winter has arrived.

Curse you, Petrus!!! CURSE YOU!!!

Stuck and screwed up

My feet were totally burning and I was totally wiped out when I arrived back home from my photo trip yesterday. I took 166 picutes on my way through nearly the whole city centre and its parks. The whole time I had this strange feeling that something is not right. That something will not fit… the thing that did not fit were my pictures I took. Too bright, wrong angle, wrong composition et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…

I guess I was a kind of over-motivated from the weekend before, were nearly every shot I took gave me a satisfying result, or let us say, I got what I expected. It’s a way of depressing with results of such a wide difference in quality from one weekend to the other. I screwed up and I am actually not sure if there is one single picture that is worth to be released in public or in my gallery.

I am stuck and hopefully the Gordian knot will cut on my next photo trip.

Let’s fix this

By browsing through one of my favourite websites Deviant Art I discovered that there is a huge fan base in photography for one special focal length – 50mm. I’m thinking about buying a lens with a fixed focal lenght too because of various reasons.

#1 – I don’t want to get lame and lazy caused by an almighty zoom telephoto lens. I cannot deny that I have caught myself several times by just zoom in to my motif instead of walking a little bit closer. Let us say, I believe that photographers using fixed focal lenses are more sporty than the zooming fraction.

#2 – It’s simplier. Just sharp the motif and you’ll be fine.

#3 – The “amount of light” that hits the “film” is bigger, better, faster, finer, beautifuller, advantager and just UBER… seriously, most lenses with fixed focal length come with a much higher aperture cap than the ones with zoom abilities. And I really, really like high apertures… not just only because of the light, it’s more a thing of depth of focus.

Well, by now I am not sure which lens will be mine in the distant future. I am stuck between 28mm, 50mm and 85mm. I’ll check this out and let you know when I finally came to a conclusion. But one thing is for sure, I like it fixed 🙂

Narcosis returns… partially

I mentioned it in the “About” area of this blog that there was once a time where I played in a death metal band. This band had a website which hasn’t received maintenance for a veeery long time. I’ve decided to bring it back online as a reminiscence of a good old time. Where we were young and so on… if you know what I mean 😉

By bringing it back online, there will also be a kind of “re-release” of some old recordings from that time in a lot different audio formats (FLAC, MP3, OGG) and you will be able to download complete CD images. We had a lot of downloads years ago and our music was spread out all over the world and lots of people listened to it and I still feel like releasing it for free (and it’s not going to change – promise). One of my mottos is, “If you sell your own music, you would even sell your soul”

I will announce a go-live date when everything is nearly done and ready to hit the online-highway road again…

Def in the end

It started as a small disease and it finally ended in an huge desaster. The jack for my ear-phones on my mobile is broke. This is a catastrophy without measurable dimensions. I do not use my mobile for phone calls or SMS or whatever, its main function is MUSIC. When I went to work, I listened to music. When I was riding the train to good old Berlin, I listened to music. When I was off to gym, I listened to music.

I dread of the thought on my next session in gym without my personal music collection. Damn it, I’ll have to listen to mainstream pop music and have to hear the senseless conversations of brainless muscle zombies walking around me.

It seems as if I has to use my phone for what it was built originally – phoning and communicating. And some SMS. I’ll have to wait for at least this year’s october to get a new phone and till now I am not sure, how to handle this situation. Creative Zen? Phone repair? A new expensive walkman mobile? I don’t f*#@ing know…

It’s up! It’s up!

After a long… well, yap… a looong period of waiting and let us say just ignoring it or having no time for it or whatever, I finally got back to blogging. Yes, blogging. Not this piece of shit like crap like facebook, twitter, myspace or whatever. To be honest, I’m ‘running’ a facebook account by myself, but it lacks in information and after a very short time of being into this you find yourself by only using apps like “Fortune Cookie” or “Mafia Wars”. This is not how I expect my time to be used with sense.

Sooo, I thought, I bring back myself back to blogger’s life. Actually this is my third blog but my first blog hosted on a main domain not parted on a sub-domain. I decided to take this ‘project’ more seriously and kick this thing more like a diary than a column that it was in the first two blogs. I am not going to post old entries published in the first two blogs because they would not fit in the concept. And the concept finally is – there is no concept.

I would like to mention my gallery – you can find it under

It includes lots of pics, some travel stuff, some game screenshot, but most important a “Photography” category which is like an uncommented (- till now -) documentation on my journey into photography. You’ll find pretty horrible stuff in there and hopefully some beautiful pictures. Feel free to enter this gallery and rate and comment on my pics. And please be honest, fair but factual.

Finally, everyone of you is very welcome and I hope you’ll enjoy this blog – at least as much as I do. I count you…