It’s up! It’s up!

After a long… well, yap… a looong period of waiting and let us say just ignoring it or having no time for it or whatever, I finally got back to blogging. Yes, blogging. Not this piece of shit like crap like facebook, twitter, myspace or whatever. To be honest, I’m ‘running’ a facebook account by myself, but it lacks in information and after a very short time of being into this you find yourself by only using apps like “Fortune Cookie” or “Mafia Wars”. This is not how I expect my time to be used with sense.

Sooo, I thought, I bring back myself back to blogger’s life. Actually this is my third blog but my first blog hosted on a main domain not parted on a sub-domain. I decided to take this ‘project’ more seriously and kick this thing more like a diary than a column that it was in the first two blogs. I am not going to post old entries published in the first two blogs because they would not fit in the concept. And the concept finally is – there is no concept.

I would like to mention my gallery – you can find it under

It includes lots of pics, some travel stuff, some game screenshot, but most important a “Photography” category which is like an uncommented (- till now -) documentation on my journey into photography. You’ll find pretty horrible stuff in there and hopefully some beautiful pictures. Feel free to enter this gallery and rate and comment on my pics. And please be honest, fair but factual.

Finally, everyone of you is very welcome and I hope you’ll enjoy this blog – at least as much as I do. I count you…