Let’s fix this

By browsing through one of my favourite websites Deviant Art I discovered that there is a huge fan base in photography for one special focal length – 50mm. I’m thinking about buying a lens with a fixed focal lenght too because of various reasons.

#1 – I don’t want to get lame and lazy caused by an almighty zoom telephoto lens. I cannot deny that I have caught myself several times by just zoom in to my motif instead of walking a little bit closer. Let us say, I believe that photographers using fixed focal lenses are more sporty than the zooming fraction.

#2 – It’s simplier. Just sharp the motif and you’ll be fine.

#3 – The “amount of light” that hits the “film” is bigger, better, faster, finer, beautifuller, advantager and just UBER… seriously, most lenses with fixed focal length come with a much higher aperture cap than the ones with zoom abilities. And I really, really like high apertures… not just only because of the light, it’s more a thing of depth of focus.

Well, by now I am not sure which lens will be mine in the distant future. I am stuck between 28mm, 50mm and 85mm. I’ll check this out and let you know when I finally came to a conclusion. But one thing is for sure, I like it fixed 🙂