Biiig, FAAAT B.

A trip to Berlin is just around the corner and I am very excited about this. I missed this city so much since my last stay there, to be honest I miss this god damn city every day. My hometown is small and ugly and you get bored pretty fast. I don’t know what’s so special about Berlin, but this is actually the city where I really feel like home and most important where I do not feel like an alien watched by ultraaa-normal people. The kind of people that live in Magdeburg, aka my hometown, is stupid and stereotype in my opinion. I always say, you feel like being in a small village that believes it is a large metropolis.

Berlin by ~Johnny-Blanko

Of course you are able to find some truely nice spots here but it’s rare or not my matter of taste. I prefer cities that give me the feeling that something big and mighty surrounds me and most important with a large variety of public transport. If I could I would travel the whole day through Berlin by riding the suburban train and just watch. Hopefully I will be able to grab some nice shots and will not screw up like I did the last few times.