Weather experience

So, what’s wrong with the world and our weather god? Huh?

The weather forecast in the morning told me : “The sun is going to shine today” – “It’s getting warmer” – “All you people will feel like being in the summer” – “The winter is finally gone”

Well, by believing these ‘predictions’ I decided on this very morning on this very 26th of April Two-K-Ten that the time is now to wear short pants. I need to mention that I totally like to wear short pants. It is a kind of freedom to feel that the cloth ends right under your knee, not to speak of the indirect “air conditioning”. I also need to mention that I am a person that sweats, if you know what I mean, so I grab every little cooling I can get.

Anyhow, the forecast was wrong on this very morning on this… well, you know… it started to rain, it got colder and I felt like a kind of displaced. BUT, keep that in your mind, I will not bow down before the power and might of mother nature and its weather experiments, I’ll keep on wearing these short pants until the weather report tells me that the winter has arrived.

Curse you, Petrus!!! CURSE YOU!!!

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