Late night thoughts…

I am back from my beloved Berlin and it pisses me damn off that I am back ‘home’. The weather is bad, the people are obnoxious and once again I feel like drifting through life in the one of the smallest nut-shells ever. Everytime I visit Berlin I fall into a kind of depression afterwards. Magdeburg is like a prison cell for me. There’s no real choice in what to do in this bloody town. You have like 3-4 pubs that are worth visiting them and there’s nearly no club where you can go to. Everything is mainstream as hell and everyone seems over-adapted to me.

To be honest, my opinion about Magdeburg is not a very objective one but if you ever experienced wandering around in boroughs like F’hain, Kreuzberg, Treptow or even Mitte you’ll know what I mean. There’s always something “new” to experience in Berlin and the city reinvents itself everytime you’re out there and “observe”. Magdeburg is stuck… def, dumb and blind.

I went to the First of May riots with a friend of mine and some of his companions and even though the atmosphere was very aggressive on some spots there I felt like “safe” and without a real threat from someone. Try to visit a simple soccer match in Magdeburg or take a walk in some northern areas and you’ll know what real aggressiveness is like especially when you wear long hear or if your “dress-code” incorrect. Man, I miss Berlin and I don’t want to be here anymore…

Hmm, I forgot what I actually wanted to say… well, it’s late and time for sleep… gn8

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