Project:Brutal Truth

For around 3 to 4 weeks there’s something like a ‘personal project’ running with one very simple goal, to confront people with the brutal truth.

That means to absolutely tell no lies in conversations even when they may hurt or affect the person in front. Point #2 is to be straight forward and honest in every situation that affects me, like every single rude word or gesture and things like that.

Non-surprisingly nearly every person that got involved in my little personal project felt instantly affected. Whether it was a colleague confronted with a reaction to his unpolite behaviour or just being honest in every single situation where someone wants to hear a polite lie.

People do not like the truth and telling the brutal truth as often as you can makes the people get an opinion of you as if you are the last arrogant human prototype asshole on this earth. Well, I guess I’ll cancel this project

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