R.I.P. Steve

I received one of these unpopular messages yesterday evening via ICQ. One of my best friends told me that our concerted friend who used to be with us on every party and every single event we went to was found dead in front of his house last weekend. He was only 28 years old.

Though he was one of these “cursory friends”, he was a good friend of mine and we shared a lot of interests. We had lots of funny and refreshing conversations about all kinds of things but mainly about the “good damn users” because he, like me, was a systems administrator too. He also was an awesome bass player gifted with talent and an open mind for all kinds of music.

Unfortunately do we had to find out by last years October that he was a psychotic too who was suffering from paranoia and schizophrenia. He had to spent several weeks in a sanitarium followed by a long treatment after freaking out. I don’t really know what exactly happened to him over the last few weeks but I personally guess it got something to do with his psychosis and the medicals he had to ingest. He was a party animal but medicals mixed with alcohol and too many cigarettes will not fit together for long. But this is only a guessing of mine.

Rest in peace Steve. We will miss you.

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