Two sins and a friendly scale

Week two of my straight edge project lies in the past and there were a few hurdles to take and some of them fell down. First things first, a friend of mine moved to another apartment last weekend and me and a few friends were helping him out to get the job done as fast as possible. We finally moved the whole furnitue in about three and a half hour and you might expect it, when a handful of men comes to hard work, the beer is not far away. Though I said in the beginning that I am not going to drink alcohol I finally could not resist and had to drink my favourite brew of beer that was bought especially for me. Actually I do not feel very guilty about it according to the fact that I was simply thirsty and of course I did some real hard and tough work. I have to admit that I felt a little dizzy and I actually did not really liked it after the first bottle but this feeling was soon to be gone. That was the first sin.

Secondly me and my girl decided to eat this god damn ice cream we still had in the fridge. We ate a small portion on Saturday evening and another one on late afternoon on Sunday. Though it was a kind of sin and against the rules in this project I was a kind of proud that I could devide the ice into quarters that we could eat from it more than one time. This was nearly impossible in the past, because I mainly destroyed a pack of ice cream in about half an hour completely without leaving anything for another day or another person. I would say I am an ice cream addicted.

After these two sins and rule breaks in this very project I can also announce something truely nice that made me reeeaaally lucky today. My weight dropped down to 99,5kg (219.36lbs) and hopefully it will stay down there and will continue to fall to lower values. My goal until 15th June is 96kg (211.64lbs) and I finally want to reach 92kg (202.83lbs) by 15th July. A lot of people told me that this is nearly impossible but I do not want to give up without giving it a try. I know I can make it.¬†On the other hand, the weights that I mortise in gym are getting more massive. My muscles feel more “comfortable” with the training and I was able to increase a few weights on some training machines. I am pretty much fixed on training back and abdominals because my opinion is that you can train much better when the center of your body is trained and stabilized. And, by the way, I do not want to end with a ruined, hurting back.

As a conclusion, the last week showed me that I am still not a 100 percent able to resist the seductions of life but on the other I can see that my everyday training shows the first effects. I think that this project is going to be tougher in the nearby future, but I am not sure what is going to be tougher, the resistance or the training. I always have to remind me that just two weeks have past and lots will follow and that there is no need to get devil-may-care.

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