Got that feeling

I don’t know why but today I feel an urgent need to get drunk. I haven’t had the need for alcohol since the beginning of living straight edge but today is one of these days where I just feel that need to get totally fucked up. Maybe it’s the fact that I am bored at work or that I haven’t been to gym this morning because today is my girlfriend’s 30th birthdays and I wanted to wake up with her. Interestingly do I feel much more exhausted than I feel on days where I go off to gym very early in the morning. Guess I got comfortable with gym in the morning.

Frauenkirche. by distancexkills

It’s so damn nice that I finally found a gift for my girl’s birthday and most importantly a gift that she like. I arranged a hotel room for a weekend in August in the beautiful city Dresden. Hopefully the weather will be nice and warm that we can discover a lot of sights and places in Dresden. Last time I’ve been there was around 1988 or so and I am really excited to see the rebuilt Frauenkirche Church. I remember last time where I was standing in front of this building it was nothing more than a bunch of stones, not even a ruin.

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