Comments blocked

Due to the massive spam appearance that affected me over the last weeks and months with the comment feature in this blog software I decided to deactive the feature for anonymous comments. I’ve no fucking interest in sharing links, helping someone with a college degree or buying pills et cetera. Actually I am not even sure if this function makes sense anyway. I leave the anonymous comment function deactivated till I’ll find a way to get rid of the spam.

For some reason is there a massive interest for all these spammers out there in the “Reporting for duty” blog entry. I’ve no idea what’s so special about it, maybe it’s the ‘duty’ and it comes into play with all these “Call of Duty” searches on google. Anyhow, I am going to enjoy the silence that will appear in my mailbox from this blog until now. If you really feel an urgent need to comment on something then register and wait for an unlock.

Back to the core

Because of various problems with my Fedora machine I finally decided to give another distribution a chance and my first two targets were Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Linux Mint wasn’t an option because of the lack of an alternate installer routine that allows me to create and manage software RAIDs and LVM. I always use to run my /home on a mirrored RAID system. What was left was the latest Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with alternate installer routine. Well, actually I chosed ┬áKubuntu instead of the Gnome variant and, well… yes, it’s working and there’s a lot of one-click routines and the system itself does a lot more “automated” than Fedora does BUT it left an unfinished fell on me. A lot of options in customization in KDE were missing even though I post-installed a lot of KDE stuff and even the praised Gnome desktop looks like a ghost town to me.

Another thing I can’t get comfortable with was the sudo feature and curiously the apt tool. I was using Debian a few years ago as a “hacking machine” and I loved apt because before that I was only using SuSE and never felt homish with yast and RPMs and stuff. Though Fedora is using RPMs as well and the yum package manager isn’t mostly something entirely different than apt, zypper, yast and merge, the yum system is for me personally the best. Maybe it’s only because I finally got used to it after nearly one year and a half of using Fedora. Anyhow, Kubuntu was easy to setup but I personally missed some customization and some, you know, nerdiness in the system. What finally happens, I took a closer look on my hardware settings, did some error detection, fixed that and reinstalled my Fedora again. The only thing that’s left to do is to fix the PulseAudio vs. Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi configuration, which was handled perfectly well under (K)Ubuntu, but I fixed this once and I can surely do this twice.

eBay and the curse of the retarted

Guess ’twas probably the last time that I sold hardware and stuff on a web platform like eBay because what I recently experienced over the last weekend was the worst case in handling hardware by an unskilled user. First things first, I’ve got a lot of old hardware laying around at home so I decided it could be worth it to sell some and make some money. I decided to sell two old motherboards, on pair of registered RAM and one access point. Yes, this access point, or should I say the buyer made me angry as hell because of his progressive stupidity.

I am not a true believer in mans intelligence but this guy was a real pain in the ass. The access point he bought wasn’t reset of course and it was a pure and simple access point without any routing, DHCP or whatever features. There was also a new firmware installed so the access point itself was up to date. All this guy had to do was to reset the hardware, take a look in the online manual for the factory default settings and configure it. Of course did he not take a single look to the manual and so he was bothering me that he can’t configure the access point. He tried to access the AP’s webinterface on BUT the AP’s actually adressed to He was also wondering that he’s getting no IP adress from the access point. Christ? Seriously? As mentioned above, it was a pure and simple AP that serves the user with nothing else than a WiFi.

He even made it to write me twice after I have sent him the link to the online manual which explains EVERYTHING to get things done. Obviously this guy’s got some serious problems with reading or a deficit in spending attention to something. But at last he did not reply to my last mail that explained the whole procedure in detail which is disrespectful for me personally. You help someone where you actually do not have to help someone and he finally kicks your ass. Stupid fucking retarted.

Bring me the guts!!!

Finally my conclusion was made that all my colleagues are braindead zombies and remote controlled. Maybe this conclusion was made because the amount of oxygen in my bureau reached a point far beyond point zero and my brain’s dead, too. It’s a heck to share a room with a bunch of freaks that are afraid of opening the fucking window wide open to get the mentioned oxygen. Damn it, my head hurts. So whatever, I wanted to talk about something completely different.

Over the past few years the genre of zombie games gained much popularity and me too is a big fan boy when it comes to brainless hordes of human being that wants to be hacked and slayed and get their bloody head chopped off. A liked “Stubbs the zombie” a lot though the gameplay was a little bit boring but the sense of humor in this game was totally mine. Right after this “Left 4 Dead” got released by Valve and I fell in love with a game for the bazillions time. Yap, I am getting pretty emotional when it comes to games sometimes. Sooo, hopefully my new love will come to visit me by the end of this month, which is called “Dead Rising 2”. Unfortunately did they not release part one for the PC and I don’t want to buy a stupid Xbox 360 for just one game. I’ve seen nearly every trailer, preview and developer diary that was released over the past few month. Yaaaaaarrrrr, zombies, come get some!!!


Which leads me to my next topic and reason for a lot of excitement. The Duke’s acoming!!!! I couldn’t actually believe it when I read the first announcement made by the new publisher Gearbox Software. I’ve heard a lot of yelling in the forums and comments of different articles that this is not going to be a real Duke Nukem because it’s not a 3D Realms game, but who the hell cares? Those whiners are simply a good inspiration for birth control. For me personally it’s so glad and nice to see that another vaporware is finally going to be released and that it’s hopefully not wasted. If anyone remembers “Prey” it was declared to be dead too but then it finally returned, got released and was a great game, though. I bet on Duke.

One little foot note at last, after playing a paladin to level 80 in WoW I’m currently working on a death knight which at level 65 at the moment and will hopefully enter Northrend.

More sports

As you may I am stuck in a vicious circle that makes it nearly impossible for me to go to gym again. Well, a friend of mine noticed this problem too and so she asked me if she should give me some kind of a kick and join her for some company in the gym. I am pretty sure if I just licked some blood in gym again and can fall back to my daily habits everything will be fine again. It’s pretty necessary for me to get a little bit more sporty again because after this relatively long period without sports I feel a kind of rusty (back hurts sometimes, etc. etc.)

We’ll hit the road to gym in nearly two hours and I am much excited about how I’ll make myself in gym again. Hopefully I’ll not completely fail and the muscle ache will not be too horrible.