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Due to the massive spam appearance that affected me over the last weeks and months with the comment feature in this blog software I decided to deactive the feature for anonymous comments. I’ve no fucking interest in sharing links, helping someone with a college degree or buying pills et cetera. Actually I am not even sure if this function makes sense anyway. I leave the anonymous comment function deactivated till I’ll find a way to get rid of the spam.

For some reason is there a massive interest for all these spammers out there in the “Reporting for duty” blog entry. I’ve no idea what’s so special about it, maybe it’s the ‘duty’ and it comes into play with all these “Call of Duty” searches on google. Anyhow, I am going to enjoy the silence that will appear in my mailbox from this blog until now. If you really feel an urgent need to comment on something then register and wait for an unlock.

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