Of mice and arms

It’s terrible, I’m suffering from a pain in my hand for weeks now. It’s the right hand, and no it is not an issue caused by massive self pleasuring activities. Well, it got something to with pleasure, but this pain is mainly caused by my mouse. I’m using the Logitech G5 at home on my gaming system and I also use this mouse at work. My whole sitting position differs from each other. At work it is more a lying position with my forearm completely placed on my desk. At home I use to sit in a more straight position, but my forearm gets way more “airtime” as it does at work.

Whatsoever, I’ve got a pain in my arm as soon as I take my mouse at work and at home. This is mainly a G5 related issue, because when I go by and use the Logitech MX518, for example, the problem does not appear. I tried using more weight and even without weights, but the problem still persists. I personally think that this issue’s got something to with the surface of the mouse.


The G5 is made completely of plastic and even though the surface was made a little craggy and rough the whole handling feels a little slippery compared to the MX518. Parts of the MX518 surface are made of rubber which gives a more haptic feel and you feel more in control for the mouse. This also leads to a more relaxed way of holding the mouse. I noticed that I tend to cramp my hand while using the G5, where instead on the MX518 I can make a move with my little finger with ease.

Meanwhile, my whole forearm is burning when I use my G5 at work. This is not only because of the mouse, my desk at work is a little lower, my whole forearm lies on the desk and so on. I also use to play with a wristband at home while using the G5, which is much more comfortable and the movement is much, much easier.

Anyhow, I switched to the recently released Logitech G400 with is the sequel of the MX518. The mouse is as fast as hell, got the same comfort like the MX518 and I don’t have a pain in my arm. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get that mouse at work, too. Meanwhile it’s pretty obnoxious to use the G5, even though it’s a nicely designed mouse.

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