A cup of vServer failures

So, I had this plan to finally to rent me a vServer to do host some other stuff besides websites, speaking of TeamSpeak 3 and game servers. After some research on the net I’ve found a provider, that was offering a great deal. Enough space to store things, RAM sounded good and so on.

Normally, I’m used to order, chose my payment condition and that’s it. This very provider wanted to validate my personal data and sent me an email that I have to send them a copy of my ID. I scanned my ID, blurred the ID number so that one can only see the data actually needed to validate. I mean, I just wanted to rent a tiny vServer and do not want immigrate to the U.S.

The provider replied the other day and told that I should send them an ID with a clear to read ID number. They also advised me that I could mark my ID with a watermark declaring it a copy, as long as all the needed data can be read. “F§%& off!” Was one of my first thoughts. Like I said, I only wanted to rent a vServer didn’t want to get into rocket science or some ultra special rare membership.

After a short period I decided to finally cancel my order and put the vServer plans on hold for a while.

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