The science of… just some updates

As you might have already read, I tried to rent a vServer to setup some stuff which will be a lot gaming related. Like dedicated servers for some older games. In addition is a TeamSpeak server coming up. The current TeamSpeak server will simply be abandoned. It’s actually running on a server at my last company I worked for and I’ve no longer a possibility to maintain it correctly. I’ll also initiate to completely remove this instance.

Anyhow, the new server will probably sail under the n3gative.Gam!ng flag. There’ll be two domains coming up, one’s for the clan/gather related things only and the other domain will mainly publish news, reviews and opinions about video gaming in general. I’m still thinking about separating the content of this blog right here. I’ll perhaps move the game related content to the n3gative.Gam!ng site and leave this blog here for trivial “real life related” posts only.

There’s another site that is still in progress, mainly in a brainstorming period. It’s called “” and is based on some posts I did on Facebook. To make a long story short, I eat two halves of chicken every Wednesday and I posted a picture of this meal on Facebook. Some of my friends liked the idea or simply found it hilarious. I also had some of my friends posting chicken pics, too. Due to the some copyright issues I completely moved away all my content off Facebook and decided to do this thing on my own. Till now I just bought the domain, setup a tiny blog and that’s it. If I’m certain of the concept and the direction of the site, I’ll put some more effort into it and get a go live as soon as possible.

If you want to ask what happened to all my fitness and sports ambitions, don’t.

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