Lack of panorama

Everything was better back in the days. I may sound like a creepy, old man but in some cases I find this quotation true. What I want to talk about is the missing panorama in today’s music. Especially rock music made a large amount of steps backwards when you compare the sound engineering of the music of the 70s and the sound engineering that appears today.

Talking about the old songs. Mainly those songs are mixed like you were actually listening to a band that sits around you. The instruments are well separated and you’re able to “locate” them in your room. When you listen to today’s music, all you get is a giant wall of noise that got mixed in high definition without any soul. I personally see the turning point in the late 80s and early 90s. A period where almost everything got sacrificed to giant marketing and commercialism.

Anyone can play guitar

I also think that this change in production came, when the whole recording equipment became better and more capable. Guitarist for instance were able to record multiple tracks to gain a fat sound. The guy on the synthesizer could act like a whole orchestra. And this is the point. Musicians forgot at one specific point how to actually be a musician. They misunderstood the qualities of their instruments.

I wouldn’t say that the music these days became completely bad, but you don’t have many genres where you can listen to music in a way it was originally meant to be. Jazz is one genre that resisted and survived this trend. Rock music in nearly all kinds of sub-genres became a mess. It’s all about building a giant wall of sounds that rolls over the listener.

Maybe this is also one of the reasons why so many bands fail when they have to play live in front of an audience. They cannot reproduce this artificial sound they created in the studio. Maybe, but just maybe, would it be better when some bands might go back a little and try to record their outputs like a band, live in the studio. Or they try to resists using multiple tracks for their instrument just to make it sound fat.

I really would like to see bands to play and record like this. Or maybe I’m just an old, creepy man.


“Next station – Child. This life terminates here. Please leave all your personal belongings and don’t look back.

If there’s one discussion that I absolutely hate, it’s the discussion about kids and how they enrich your life. I can’t see how a crying, little midget should enrich my life and bring me pleasure. I also can’t see what’s so cute about a wizened baby with all this slobber around the mouth and the tongue hanging out.

They next period when a child grows up is this walking period and the time where it starts to grab everything, even it was forbidden. You have all these proud adult and mainly parents sitting around, laughing on every “cute mistake” little kiddo makes and you always here excuses like, “Hey, just leave him be. He’s just a kid.

The thing that disgusts me the most these days are mainly the parents breeding nowadays kids. They simply let them do whatever they with the sodding excuse that they are just kids. They don’t have to take care about rules and bans. Whenever I have kids around me my personal stress level instantly hits its peak and brings me to a point of agony. I could punch everyone involved with these kids in their faces. The very rare moments where I actually tried to spent some time with kids ended in a child crying endlessly without any clear reason. Children are so incomplete and stupid.

Another thing is, when you take a look at all these parents, the most of them abandoned their lives for the little kiddos. Some move to bigger apartments, some build houses, some don’t travel anymore, some give up their hobbies. And you always here, “You know, since the kid’s arrived, we don’t have money for this and that.

I give a rat’s ass about children when I have to twist every cent twice and I’m personally nothing else than an empty shell without hobbies or interests. I’ve to admit, I’m a person with hobbies that waste a looot of time, but on the other hand I can’t see why I should give them up for a tiny incomplete.

A lot of people take my opinion as a offense and get terribly annoyed, but we live in a free world and that is my opinion. I hate having children around me and I don’t want to have any of them on my own. Saves time and money and does not stress my nerves so badly.

Whatever the case, maybe I’ll look back one day when I’m old and doting and say, “Maybe I should have known better and should have gotten some kids to give me some company in my pale and dirty chamber.

But that’s another story.