Boredom leading to chicken

Out of boredom I rented a small virtual server to satisfy my technical affinities and needs. Right now it just holds a TeamSpeak 3 server and a very puristic web server. The main goal is some gaming stuff and some technical experiments. It runs on the domain

The domain is currently under maintenance and will probably host some of the content that you can find here. I’m thinking about outsourcing all the game related content to this website and leave this site here for other tech stuff and trivial, daily life thingys. Actually, I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll do something completely different.

Another site that is currently under maintenance is

It launches on November 9 at 01:00am CET and the content of this site is classified for public. Friends of mine already know what this site is about, but like I said – it’s CLASSIFIED!!!

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