I ain’t superstitious

A lot of people totally freak out these days, because a new year is just around the corner and lots of people start making new year’s resolutions. You might expect what’s my opinion about these things; yes – it’s complete bullshit.

Let’s take it logically and without all these emotional influences some people are affected to use with events like New Year’s Eve. It’s just some digits on the calendar that change and nothing else. And here’s the thing. So many people waste their time on reviewing the last twelve month, start predicting what’s to come next and how wonderful everything was the years before.

Some just sit and complain how fast everything goes and ask themselves where time has gone to. Actually, I personally do not care about it. Time is fixed and does not run fast or slow. It’s also without any sodding meaning what has been in the past, because it has no essential influence on the current moment, except there was an event with certain aftermaths.

It’s pathetic how some people turn New Year’s Eve into such an occult event. What is this, medieval age? The dawning of the of the superstitious idiots?

I don’t have a problem to have a nice time in company with some friends, but what I hate is this backslapping at midnight, like you’ve been friends for eras without even knowing who the hell this guy is in front of you. There have been several New Year’s Eves that I also used to stay on my own and doing something useful (like overclocking my graphics card). Best thing about it, I was able to get to bed early without having a terrible hangover.

I’ve spoken to a friend this very morning and he’s got the same opinion about this whole thing. Why not just hanging around with each other like every other common day, without these ridiculous rituals or whatever people do to still the hunger of their superstition?

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