The X-Mas underdose

It’s holiday season and the oh-so-holy Christmas is drawing dangerously near. If haven’t already noticed. Well, consider this a last note to get to a mall near you and get a whole lotta bunch of cheap useless stuff to gift. I personally lost connection to Christmas a few years ago. I don’t know why, but I actually don’t give a sodding damn about Christmas. The main reason is the media overkill you get during holiday season.

It starts on Black Friday and ends somewhere in the middle of January. A lot of things happen but from my point of view I see nothing in common with the old traditional Christmas. I’ve found myself several times grabbing some extreme good deals on several shopping platforms on the internet but there was no single, bloody moment where I’ve found myself getting some rest or get some reflectiveness.

Candy cane christmas - by *Ophelias-Overdose

I’m also not very sure how this could look like. Just sitting there nearby a mistletoe reviewing my previous. Doing some extreme cuddling action under the Christmas tree with my better half. I just don’t know. Biggest epic fail about it, I once knew. Not really knowing, but, you know. Argh, *sigh*, it’s complicated.

Maybe it’s the lack of snow this year. Maybe it’s the fact that my head is filled with routes and network protocolls. Maybe it’s the fact that I simply missed to get some Christmas influences. I was off to the Christmas market one time, but more for a drinking reason than a reflective one. Additionally, I don’t watch much TV and when I watch, it’s VH1 or National Geographic. Not the kind of broadcast you watch, when you want to become christmasly influenced.

One premiere this year, I got all my presents together that I want to gift on Christmas. [enter applause here] Ans also got one present for me personally. I like myself sooo bloody, sodding much this year that I HAD to buy me a present. Whatever the case, it does not bring back the true traditional meaning of Christmas and that’s some kind of, well, dunno…

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