Shut up, Hamburg! …and the rest of you

Not many people have the privilege to say, that they were born in a country that does no longer exist. Actually, there are a few million people on this planet, that can say this about themselves, but I’ve not found a better introduction. Back to the thread, I was born in the German Democratic Republic. A small little country, occupied by the Soviets, located somewhere between Poland, Denmark, Czechoslovakia and the German Federal Republic.

Everything went quite well for almost 41 years, till the people of the East decided not to play the game of their government any longer and that it would be such a nice idea to reunite with the brothers and sisters of the West. They went out on the streets, demonstrated very polite and friendly, avoided violence and on October 3rd in 1990, the country where I was born, was gone forever. And everything changed.

Now, almost 22 years after these very exciting days, where I used to put my nose in the air to sniff a little of the wind of change do I sometimes look back and use to drown in silky memories. Against the public opinion, we actually did have sunlight in the GDR and some people were happy, I would say much happier than they are nowadays, and it wasn’t raining 24 hours, seven days a week.

And that’s the point were I go enrage. Our brothers and sisters of the West, when they visit the East, use to come to my (once home) country like an ignorant, arrogant knight that is uses to roll everything over that stands in the way. These “fortune knights” with their little brains and much smaller knowledge about what once used to be my country spot and complain about everything they see, when they travel through my territory. I don’t know where this self-importance comes from, but is necessary to act like you’re on a journey through a third world country?

I’ve recently this behavior while I was on my way back from home after work. I had these members of a debating society from the West-German town called Hamburg sitting right behind me on the bus. These guys were the pure, undisputed incarnation of progressive stupidity and plain ignorance. Talking like they’ve seen the whole but exhibiting they’ve actually a nothing when you read between the lines of their talking. I don’t want to revisit here what they where talking about, but just let me say, it was embarrassing for them if they were even capable of noticing what a retarded bunch of words rolled over their tongues.

For instance, when you were on a journey to a foreign, unknown country, would you permanently yell out loud how ugly everything looks like and that everything simply disgusts you. When you’re somewhat from a civilized country you’ll probably say no, because you know how to behave on unknown territory and you’ve got a fine portion of empathy to not offense the one standing in front of you.

The example I’ve mentioned is nothing unique. I’ve experience it very, very often and it simply feeds my anger about the people from the western part of Germany. As a cynical person I simply wanted start to treat these stupid, bad-ass bastards like they deserve to. But unfortunately, I’m also a pacifist. Lucky for them.

As a final, personal conclusion. I had this stereotype view on our brothers and sisters from the West and to a certain degree, I’ve got proven correct. There’s only a very small amount of people from this particular part of Germany that I approve, because the wide majority is nothing but a stupid, selfish, ignorant mass that watched my former home country from somewhere very high above and just spits on it. I’ll no longer try to be polite and open minded to them, because  that’s simply what I get vice versa. From now on, I’ll be the patriot of country that does no longer exist and defend it by all means necessary.

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