Danbo Mania

As a person who is into photography and watches tons of pictures every day, trends rather get unnoticed. I’ve seen HDR passing by, even though the 3D hype last year and the tilf-shift-mania a while ago. I didn’t jump the train of any of these trends. I’ve taken several pictures in HDR or tilf-shift style, but I never made it my main passion.


For quite a while, one can find lots and lots of pictures that do not follow a specific technique but focus one particular object – the Danbo. These little figures have one attribute that makes them special – they are cute. It’s this one thing that only kittens have and they make you want to say “Awwww!” no matter what they actually do in the photo.

The Danbo is a tiny figure that looks like as if it was made of several cardboard boxes usually used to delivery goods by retailer Amazon. There’s one rare 7eleven edition and you can also get some without any special prints. I personally ordered the Amazon edition, which is the most popular. I imported them via Amazon Japan because the prices in my country are way too high for a figure that is around 80mm tall.

I’m now a proud owner of a small and a big Danbo and I’ve already took some pictures with these tiny, cute bastards. And it was a good investment. And I can follow one trend in photography. Even though I’m not a big fan of that. But sometimes you’ve to howl with the wolves.

The cool thing about these Danbos is, that you almost get a decent picture every time. As long as you do not totally suck with setting up your camera right or you are completely blind or something like that. Danbos are just sooo cute, that they have these almighty uber powers to rescue even the shittiest pictures. Well, almost – like I said, as long as you know your camera you can’t fuck things up totally.

I’m sorry that this post doesn’t contain any special message and only the information that I now got two Danbos and I’m totally into this stuff. Sorry, next time something with some thoughts that go deeper.

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