SE 3.0 – Interim Report – #5

Another week has past and the project is still up and running. Just like me.

I actually had some serious digestion problems. This led me to a slow down of my training program. I mainly avoided the treadmill or in other words, I had to do several breaks to calm down. I can’t run with little aches and pains and I also don’t want to take sports to a point where it’s a sort of a suffering. I did a lot of spinning, used the elliptical and took a few rides on my mountain bike.

Last has also been a week of seduction. I was invited to a wedding and weddings are very well known for lots and lots of delicious, calorie rich food. I was aware of myself and the training program that I’m currently in and wasn’t eating like I would normally do under “usual circumstances”. To be honest, I’m that kind of person that eats like a sodding pig as soon as I can get fine and tasty things to eat.

My discipline has paid off well and the scale did not bump out and presented me a freaking high value. In fact, I’m still making progress and my weight is still going down. Dropping below the 100 kg mark will be difficult, but it’s possible.

Sports in general has become a routine over the last couple of weeks. It’s still nothing disturbing or something that bothers me terribly. I feel fine with this whole situation and I can’t even wait to actually start going to gym or grab my bike to simply power myself a little off. Like I already mentioned in one of my previous, it’s finally fun and no longer a strong, dogmatic project. Sports has become a part of my life and I really look forward and also work hard on it to keep it that way.

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