Krásné město Praha

There are not many journeys this years appearing on my schedule, actually the one I did the last couple of days will basically the only one. I’ve been to Prague for five days and it was worth every single minute. I absolutely recommend visiting this city. The architectural mix is intriguing. The hospitality of the inhabitants is simply awesome.

We, that is me and my girlfriend,  spent the nights in a hotel called “Aparthotel City 5“. We both are not those kind of people who need a lot of luxury on their journeys or a special high standard, but apart from this, this hotel has got its very own high standard. The owner, Kristina, is one of the most enthusiastic, polite, helpful person one can find in hotel business and tourism. Seriously.

Our room was very good as well. Clean, nice and functional interior and complementaries like coffee, Espresso and several blends of tea. We were absolutely, positively surprised. It was my first trip eastwards in Europe ever and I personally was expecting something “not so nice”. Call it stereotype thinking, but I actually did not know what I could have had to expect. In general, and I can only repeat myself, I was positively surprised.

The city caught me from the first minute. So many great vistas to view. You can reach all the important spots by walking and you don’t really need the metro or the tram. Actually, we had to catch the metro several times because we were foot tired. On our day of arrival Kristina gave us a really good introduction to the city of what we have to see and so on. It was quite helpful, because not all the spots we visited were mentioned in detail in our guidebook. Especially the relaxing atmosphere of  Vyšehrad was a greatly welcomed relief.

And that’s basically one of the things I liked the most about Prague. It’s a city with over a million inhabitants, but you don’t actually feel the rush. It maybe a tourist perspective, but I found it very relaxing and recreative. This is definitely a city I will visit again and I absolutely recommend this to everyone who likes city breaks and is tired of metropolises like Paris or London. It’s different and it’s worth every minute.

If you’re wondering why I don’t post any pictures, answer is very simple. They are currently not developed.