Never change a running system

I’ve been thinking about redesigning my home’s network infrastructure for a while now and Cyber Monday gave me a nice opportunity to grab some cheap WiFi devices. It was time to replace my obviously oversized Netgear VPN router in combination with a Linksys WAP54G access point. To have everything combined in one device, that was the goal. And this goal was reached – almost.

Two Buffalo WHR-HP-G300-NG routers were the deal I took on and they arrived pretty soon. I’m very, VERY familiar with WRT routers, or let us say DD-WRT itself, but these two Buffalos cost me nerves, if you know what I mean.

I use one router as a router (sure thing) and also as an access point (makes sense). The second router is getting used as an access point in client bridge mode to connect my media centre with the rest of my network. I unboxed the devices, switched them on, ignored the standard firmware and instantly flashed the recommended DD-WRT firmware.

This is where the real struggle began. First router worked perfectly fine so far. WiFi signals was kind of awesome and connection speed itself also improved. I configured the second router and nothing was happening. Client bridge mode was not working.

I checked my settings and everything seemed okay, actually, everything was already alright. While researching and debugging I got a connection out of nowhere. I was happy and almost ready to get some sleep. Well, I had a connection for like five minutes and everything broke down again.

A week of research followed. I’ve found one workaround, which was to run my client bridge router in client mode only. That helped to get rid of the fitful disconnects. I also found one DD-WRT firmware version that was able to keep the connection even in client bridge mode but disconnection followed after almost an hour and the router completely crashed.

Meanwhile, I replaced the second router with my old Linksys access point that handles the client bridge mode perfectly well. Connection on my media centre is fine and my buffering problem is also solved. So here comes the second issue.

One of my smart phones ┬áhas got a problem with the WiFi. It is connected, but it is not able to connect to the Internet. Strange, totally strange weird too. Well, my client bridge problem is not solved actually and I’ve got a smart phone that can no longer connect to the Internet. Leads me to the conclusion, never change a running system.

eBay and the curse of the retarted

Guess ’twas probably the last time that I sold hardware and stuff on a web platform like eBay because what I recently experienced over the last weekend was the worst case in handling hardware by an unskilled user. First things first, I’ve got a lot of old hardware laying around at home so I decided it could be worth it to sell some and make some money. I decided to sell two old motherboards, on pair of registered RAM and one access point. Yes, this access point, or should I say the buyer made me angry as hell because of his progressive stupidity.

I am not a true believer in mans intelligence but this guy was a real pain in the ass. The access point he bought wasn’t reset of course and it was a pure and simple access point without any routing, DHCP or whatever features. There was also a new firmware installed so the access point itself was up to date. All this guy had to do was to reset the hardware, take a look in the online manual for the factory default settings and configure it. Of course did he not take a single look to the manual and so he was bothering me that he can’t configure the access point. He tried to access the AP’s webinterface on BUT the AP’s actually adressed to He was also wondering that he’s getting no IP adress from the access point. Christ? Seriously? As mentioned above, it was a pure and simple AP that serves the user with nothing else than a WiFi.

He even made it to write me twice after I have sent him the link to the online manual which explains EVERYTHING to get things done. Obviously this guy’s got some serious problems with reading or a deficit in spending attention to something. But at last he did not reply to my last mail that explained the whole procedure in detail which is disrespectful for me personally. You help someone where you actually do not have to help someone and he finally kicks your ass. Stupid fucking retarted.