Krásné město Praha

There are not many journeys this years appearing on my schedule, actually the one I did the last couple of days will basically the only one. I’ve been to Prague for five days and it was worth every single minute. I absolutely recommend visiting this city. The architectural mix is intriguing. The hospitality of the inhabitants is simply awesome.

We, that is me and my girlfriend,  spent the nights in a hotel called “Aparthotel City 5“. We both are not those kind of people who need a lot of luxury on their journeys or a special high standard, but apart from this, this hotel has got its very own high standard. The owner, Kristina, is one of the most enthusiastic, polite, helpful person one can find in hotel business and tourism. Seriously.

Our room was very good as well. Clean, nice and functional interior and complementaries like coffee, Espresso and several blends of tea. We were absolutely, positively surprised. It was my first trip eastwards in Europe ever and I personally was expecting something “not so nice”. Call it stereotype thinking, but I actually did not know what I could have had to expect. In general, and I can only repeat myself, I was positively surprised.

The city caught me from the first minute. So many great vistas to view. You can reach all the important spots by walking and you don’t really need the metro or the tram. Actually, we had to catch the metro several times because we were foot tired. On our day of arrival Kristina gave us a really good introduction to the city of what we have to see and so on. It was quite helpful, because not all the spots we visited were mentioned in detail in our guidebook. Especially the relaxing atmosphere of  Vyšehrad was a greatly welcomed relief.

And that’s basically one of the things I liked the most about Prague. It’s a city with over a million inhabitants, but you don’t actually feel the rush. It maybe a tourist perspective, but I found it very relaxing and recreative. This is definitely a city I will visit again and I absolutely recommend this to everyone who likes city breaks and is tired of metropolises like Paris or London. It’s different and it’s worth every minute.

If you’re wondering why I don’t post any pictures, answer is very simple. They are currently not developed.

The lust to kill

It’s been in my mind since I was around twelve years old, that one particular question came to my mind again, again and again. How would it be to murder a human being?

A lot of people might come up here and yell, that this is pervert thinking or that I my mind is freaked out. But I personally believe that everyone feels the lust or at least an interest to murder someone. There’s no doubt that man always enjoys the feeling to have the ability to control another one or is able to influence one to satisfy ones personal needs. Even the ubersocial crowd tends to be completely non-sociable when they get the possibility to gain the lead and as an result of this the control of someone else.

Humans in groups always tend to create some kind of an hierarchy and nevertheless they are not far from abusing their abilities depending on their role in the group. Or their capabilities in thinking. It’s nature’s law that the stronger one kills the weak one. With evolution, the development of the human brain and ethical values man lost the awareness of this particular law. Which is good, otherwise mankind would have been already erased from this planet and some other species would have taken place.

The recently mentioned ethical values are one of the main reasons why most of today’s common people even deny to think about murdering someone else. Most of them don’t waste a single moment to even try to imagine, how it would be. When you try to talk with someone about this topic, you’ll get a view with eyes of spotting on you fulfilled with many question marks.

For instance, a lot of people, especially those who raise children have a weird and strange tendency to become murderers or see murder as something to correct failure behaviour in this world. I’m talking about pedophilia. A lot of parents or other people with straight and fixed “correct” ethical values defend death sentence and want it back when it comes to judge pedophiles. This is, for me, like burying the trash as deep as you could under ground just to keep it out of sight.

...Murder in the Dark...

Man denies to watch the beast right into the eyes. Man prefers to stab it from the back and shovels it somewhere not to be found. Those who face the beast keeping their ethical values are the ones who can get a neutral point of view and measure murder with all its consequences in a correct matter. The small group of people who gets overwhelmed by the beast are the ones who finally tend to truly murder.

With this said in a exaggerated metaphorical way I personally come to the conclusion, that everyone can be a murderer. Without a doubt, murder is caused due to a chain of different events and circumstances that finally channels. You can’t measure murder by putting one tag of a reason on it. You always have to count and seek every single part of the puzzle to understand why it has come to this item.

According to this, the complexity preexistence, I also tend to say that everyone can be a murderer. Maybe it’s also a lack of intelligence that some people cannot even image how it would to kill somebody else. This intelligence barrier is quite good, because stupidity always leads to disease.

For a very long time did I think that this aversion against the imagination of the act of murder is something instinctive. This would come in contradiction to nature’s law and its methods to keep balance within a species and between several species. It’s more a result of the way we grew up and the values our  parents gave us we’d to live by every day. Also a thing of society and nowadays the media. Mass media has such a giant influence on people’s view on certain thing. Just compare people’s ethical values in Europe and the USA as to violence, murder, usage of weapons and torture.

The USA teaches their people that dismemberment and such things are normal, even war. On the other hand, they pretend that a nude body, women’s breasts are worst thing. You should not even speak about it. It’s the complete opposite in Europe. We take the human body as naturally given and have to shame to show it or to watch it. We consider violence, dismemberment, murder as wrong and that is what it totally is – wrong. From an ethical point of view and when it has nothing in common with the balance keep of one particular species.

Man has developed too much to follow these animalistic values anymore. Man prefers not to kill the weak ones. Man prefers to kill the different ones. But these are things you have to argue with on a much larger scale, when it comes to things like genocide. And still, what about the single human being?

The bar’s set much higher to murder someone in a “small environment” than it is to kill thousands of people. Is it, because swarm intelligence only works out on the lowest level? Like “good” mass media does? Keeping the standards low that everyone can understand and take part of the big discussion? Being part of the game?

Man likes to see masses get killed but denies to imagine to kill a single human being. Even when man has the ability to stab it from the back.