Turning the facebook page

I’m experimenting these days. Well, I’m always experimenting with something, but these days it’s something with a kind of a public interest. It’s Facebook. What I recently did was to deactivate my account to see if there’s some loss in my everyday life.

For a sample purpose do I reactivate the account very early in the morning. To get absolutely sure, I also deactivated the chat and I’m not visible to anyone. I’m doing this to see, if there’s any kind of information with any true importance that I could have missed.

To be honest, the standard that Facebook’s reached baffles all descriptions. I’m aware that some friends of mine that I currently have on Facebook find this offensive, but it’s a matter of fact that this platform that was intended to stay in contact with friends turns more and more into a hilarious website like Reddit oder Imgur.

by strany

Most of the posts that I read on Facebook are about funny vids someone has found on YouTube or stupid pictures of whatever. I also started posting cute cat pictures everyday because it simply draws more attention than a post about my current mental state or something truly important.

Another thing that displeases me is that some people mistake Facebook for a group ware. And their circle of friends is a giant office that needs to be managed. I don’t have a problem with information about interesting upcoming events, but when it comes to invitations for such things I still prefer the old fashioned way like getting a call similar. But it seriously makes me disgruntled when I get receive invitations on for several events on Facebook. What is it? Am I at work and anyone else manages my schedule? For Christ’s sake, NO.

When it comes to such things, Facebook is a toy application. It’s good to make people get to know several things, but it’s a giant, epic fail when it comes to managing dates and events. Even Google fails on this and I personally believe that this deserves no attention in someone’s spare time. If there’s someone I care about I contact this person in a more personal way and not in such an anonymous way like Facebook does.

Did people truly become that pathetic that they interact with each other these days by using “Like”-buttons and “share” certain (meaningless) interests. I find it seriously frightening to see, how many waste their evenings on Facebook, even when it’s just running in the background. The amount of information that gets actually shared shrunk to such a minimum that it’s not even worth to boot up your computer for that or waste battery capacity of your smart phone.

by strany

On the other side, some people offer so much information about themselves on Facebook that you basically know more about them than you know about your own person. And this makes turns a lot of people into something that I use to call “discounted friends”. It was once part of an add that was running on TV, “We’ve got so many friends that we don’t even know how to call our real friends.”

The most disappointing thing about these whole modern social networking is, that a lot of people actually believe that these people in their friends list are truly friends. But when they would think for like five minutes and try to remember who their real friends are and how they once used to interact with each other, they hopefully find back to the path of the righteous.

I’m not sure if this is the right way that modern society has currently chosen, but I believe, that we turn more and more into these recently mentioned “discounted friends” and it’s getting harder with every day that passes by to find some real friends. Facebook did not make interacting with friends easier, it just made you care less. It turned communication into a one button solution. And it’s the perfect vindication for a society that spins faster each and every day.

I ain’t superstitious

A lot of people totally freak out these days, because a new year is just around the corner and lots of people start making new year’s resolutions. You might expect what’s my opinion about these things; yes – it’s complete bullshit.

Let’s take it logically and without all these emotional influences some people are affected to use with events like New Year’s Eve. It’s just some digits on the calendar that change and nothing else. And here’s the thing. So many people waste their time on reviewing the last twelve month, start predicting what’s to come next and how wonderful everything was the years before.

Some just sit and complain how fast everything goes and ask themselves where time has gone to. Actually, I personally do not care about it. Time is fixed and does not run fast or slow. It’s also without any sodding meaning what has been in the past, because it has no essential influence on the current moment, except there was an event with certain aftermaths.

It’s pathetic how some people turn New Year’s Eve into such an occult event. What is this, medieval age? The dawning of the of the superstitious idiots?

I don’t have a problem to have a nice time in company with some friends, but what I hate is this backslapping at midnight, like you’ve been friends for eras without even knowing who the hell this guy is in front of you. There have been several New Year’s Eves that I also used to stay on my own and doing something useful (like overclocking my graphics card). Best thing about it, I was able to get to bed early without having a terrible hangover.

I’ve spoken to a friend this very morning and he’s got the same opinion about this whole thing. Why not just hanging around with each other like every other common day, without these ridiculous rituals or whatever people do to still the hunger of their superstition?

The science of… just some updates

As you might have already read, I tried to rent a vServer to setup some stuff which will be a lot gaming related. Like dedicated servers for some older games. In addition is a TeamSpeak server coming up. The current TeamSpeak server will simply be abandoned. It’s actually running on a server at my last company I worked for and I’ve no longer a possibility to maintain it correctly. I’ll also initiate to completely remove this instance.

Anyhow, the new server will probably sail under the n3gative.Gam!ng flag. There’ll be two domains coming up, one’s for the clan/gather related things only and the other domain will mainly publish news, reviews and opinions about video gaming in general. I’m still thinking about separating the content of this blog right here. I’ll perhaps move the game related content to the n3gative.Gam!ng site and leave this blog here for trivial “real life related” posts only.

There’s another site that is still in progress, mainly in a brainstorming period. It’s called “chickenday.net” and is based on some posts I did on Facebook. To make a long story short, I eat two halves of chicken every Wednesday and I posted a picture of this meal on Facebook. Some of my friends liked the idea or simply found it hilarious. I also had some of my friends posting chicken pics, too. Due to the some copyright issues I completely moved away all my content off Facebook and decided to do this thing on my own. Till now I just bought the domain, setup a tiny blog and that’s it. If I’m certain of the concept and the direction of the site, I’ll put some more effort into it and get a go live as soon as possible.

If you want to ask what happened to all my fitness and sports ambitions, don’t.

The games, the jobs, the moves

Haven’t wrote a while for quite some reasons. First of all nothing special actually happened. Secondly, too much happened that I haven’t found time for writing.

For those of you interested in my impressions according several games I have to apologize, I seriously have such a lack of time over last days that there wasn’t any gaming worth writing about. I can tell you that I played a lot DiRT 3 and I started playing Crysis 2, since the release of patch 1.9, including DX11 and HiRes textures and all this kind of stuff. These are AAA titles and I’m still not sure if I should write about games that get reviewed on every other single website.

I also started playing Duke Nukem Forever and all I can say till now, it’s a giant disappointment. I will, yes, I promise, I will give an impressions review on this particular title because the Duke is a phenomenon that simply deserves a review or just a gaming field report.

Another important thing that was going on, I’m still stuck between enemy lines. I’ve recently got an offer for a company that looks pretty promising according that point potential and development. As far as I know, it’s a network infrastructure that is pretty basic right now, that wants to grow to something, I actually do not know. Anyhow, it should get bigger and better and I shall be the man for it.

On the other side, there’s this job in this advanced technical college that wasn’t approved till now, but I also was not rejected till now. It’s another job that is very promising, also differs from what I’m doing at the moment and simply interests me very much. It’s more an operator job in some multimedia stuff, things I’ve recently done a lot, because I did some internet streaming and had to do some video editing, too (even though I hate this creative things).

The third candidate is my current company. It’s for sure that I’m not leaving without asking for a price to keep me in. And you can bet your mother that I’m going to be expensive, I mean, reeeaally expensive. I’ve taught myself so much during the last 5-6 years and I got skills in so many different areas that I want to get paid for this and receive the graditute I deserve. I decided to stay in my company, if none of the current opportunities fits my requirements in any way. I waited for such a long time to get a new job opportunity, I still have some breath left to wait a little bit more in the case that nothing gets rolling.

That’s the status for now. Plan for the weekend is to help out on a move of some friends of mine. I’m not uber excited about that, but hey, sometimes you help friends, you know?

Thor’s hammer training

Here’s the thing, you wake up pretty early and you’re completely prepared to do your job at the gym, but the gym is not prepared to do its job. This is what happened. I woke up at 04:00am, like I do it every time. I brushed my teeth, push my hair a little from the left and to the right and hit the road with my bike. I got to the gym and was already wondering what all these trucks were doing there. Right after entering the building I saw that the locker rooms are getting refurbished. Actually, it’s more a decoration because all the lockers are getting exchanged by some fancy new ones with nice wooden fronts.

Anyhow, I wasn’t able to find the improvised locker room within thirty seconds and everything was pretty messed up so I decided to just leave and continue my training next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to shoot some hoops within next couple of days with some friends of mine. I’m really bad when it comes to aiming, but I’m a wall when it comes to defense. Whatever the case, it’s fun.

As you may remember, I was off to the cinema the day before watching ‘Thor’. Even though the movie was in 3D I wasn’t getting that much into it and did not affect me either even though I was a big fan of the ‘Thor’ comic books. The story itself was nothing more like, Thor made his father angry. Thor got banned from his world. Loki was jealous and betrayed Thor. Loki brought the enemy ice giants to Asgaard. Loki wanted to get rid of Thor. Thor returned with the help of his friends. Thor defeated Loki and saved the Yggdrasil. It sounds complex by just skimming these words, but the movie was pretty lame in a story matter. I also missed a little more action and the use of 3D was not worth it. Here and there a little depth of field and that was it.

A little exception

Today’s the first day of my recently started training period where I decided to stay in bed instead of hitting the to road to the gym. Actually, I was really tired and additionally will I meet up with a couple of friends this very evening to watch a movie at the cinema. It would be a waste of money getting there and just falling asleep only because I forced myself to get up too early.

I want to keep a little comfort for myself and I don’t want to get to a point where I start hating sports just because I can’t find time for anything else. Or I’m too exhausting to do anything else. I’m glad to be a person who’s totally fine with six hours of sleep per day (or night) and I don’t want to bend it to the limits too much. There’s still my gaming hobby. Photography plays a big role, too. And of course do I want to meet up with some friends even during the week. Not to forget my girl also deserves a lot of time.

Well, anyhow, I just wanted to mention that this is not going to be the end of the road and I’ll stick to my sports plan, but you sometimes have to make some exceptions. I assure you that you’ll find me in the gym tomorrow morning training my ass off once again.