With several issues like a tendency for a slight depression, a permanently appearing insomnia, chronic overweight, sexual aversion and the lack of concentration for almost anything, I was just asking myself if I’ve already reached the point to get someone professional. All the previously mentioned things mixed together are, in my opinion, an almost deadly mix. I carry several things with me that might want to come out or not. Who knows?

A simple moment of success is month away. Even temper is a phrase that got lost in my personal dictionary month ago, too. Aggression, my second forename. Razor-sharp mind got lost in one of these nights without a single eye closed. Bothered and stressed by everything – that’s me. In other words, I’m in the worst condition ever.


The origin for all this is unknown to me. Maybe it’s a neurosis or some other compulsive behaviour. Whatever it is, it starts ruining everything which makes me sick. I’m searching for the cause of my, without a doubt, weird symptoms. I think about it almost every single minute when I’m awake which leads to my inability to concentrate on other important things. This is truly a vicious circle.

Trying to “escape” into certain activities that could be something like a possible cure failed. I’m also scared that those activities will also lead to an addiction that causes more disease than I’m currently into. It doesn’t matter how I twist it, I see no option nor an opportunity to get rid of these.