Who’s bloodreaver?

Hi, my name is Matt, born in 1980 and I’m from Magdeburg, a small city in the east part of Germany. There’s not much to say about me, I am just the standard nerd. I am mainly interested in games, music and photography. Sometimes when I find the time I grap a book and read.


A few years ago I had a death metal band called Narcosis which broke up in, urm, I guess 2005. We released 2 rehearsal demos and 1 demo EP that was recorded and produced in a reeeaaal studio. YEAH! Nowadays I am no longer interested in, let us say, the heavy kind of music. Maybe it got something to do with getting older and wiser, but one day this whole death-black-heavy-metal grind thing started to bore me. I feel more ‘homelike’ in electronic music and last but least and NOT to forget stoner. I really, really enjoy stoner music, especially bands like Fu Manchu, Kyuss.

It is very important to mention one addiction that is cursing me for around 20 years of my life – games. I mean videogames. Not this console crap, I mean the good ole PC gaming platform. If there is one thing where I really enjoy to waste my time on, it’s the fucking games. This is going to be one of the focuses of this blog. I don’t want to get too much in detail, because I think you will read enough and much, much, much more about this passion in my life in this very blog.

By the end of 2009  I took a small but very important step and let one of my long dreamed dreams come true – I bought a SLR photo camera and started to get more and intensively into the whole photo thing. I was always fascinated about photography since that very day on an Easter weekend where I received my first and very simple photo camera. It was nothing special, it was more a light-box than a camery, but I really enjoyed it to capture ‘moments in life’. This desire slept in me for years and came back to daylight a few years ago. Due to the fact that I had little money I wasn’t able to buy the photo gear that I wished. But finally, in December 2009… well, you’ll read about this hobby of mine.

So be it…


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