Krásné město Praha

There are not many journeys this years appearing on my schedule, actually the one I did the last couple of days will basically the only one. I’ve been to Prague for five days and it was worth every single minute. I absolutely recommend visiting this city. The architectural mix is intriguing. The hospitality of the inhabitants is simply awesome.

We, that is me and my girlfriend,  spent the nights in a hotel called “Aparthotel City 5“. We both are not those kind of people who need a lot of luxury on their journeys or a special high standard, but apart from this, this hotel has got its very own high standard. The owner, Kristina, is one of the most enthusiastic, polite, helpful person one can find in hotel business and tourism. Seriously.

Our room was very good as well. Clean, nice and functional interior and complementaries like coffee, Espresso and several blends of tea. We were absolutely, positively surprised. It was my first trip eastwards in Europe ever and I personally was expecting something “not so nice”. Call it stereotype thinking, but I actually did not know what I could have had to expect. In general, and I can only repeat myself, I was positively surprised.

The city caught me from the first minute. So many great vistas to view. You can reach all the important spots by walking and you don’t really need the metro or the tram. Actually, we had to catch the metro several times because we were foot tired. On our day of arrival Kristina gave us a really good introduction to the city of what we have to see and so on. It was quite helpful, because not all the spots we visited were mentioned in detail in our guidebook. Especially the relaxing atmosphere of  Vyšehrad was a greatly welcomed relief.

And that’s basically one of the things I liked the most about Prague. It’s a city with over a million inhabitants, but you don’t actually feel the rush. It maybe a tourist perspective, but I found it very relaxing and recreative. This is definitely a city I will visit again and I absolutely recommend this to everyone who likes city breaks and is tired of metropolises like Paris or London. It’s different and it’s worth every minute.

If you’re wondering why I don’t post any pictures, answer is very simple. They are currently not developed.

SE 3.0 Quick Update

There are no massive updates this week on my sports program. Everything is going well. Last weekend I ran on the treadmill for one full hour, which is a milestone for me. Longest period till then has been 40 minutes. I was just in the mood to run for that long, it wasn’t planned.

I also do not focus my training on long runs like these. The main goal is still losing weight. My scale displayed a 103,2 kg  last week, which is by far the lowest weight I’ve got in more than a year. It popped up to 105,6 kg over the weekend, but I was eating sort of “very good”, if you know what I mean.

That’s my short report and quick update for this week. There won’t be any updates over the next two weeks or so, because I’m on vacation for a couple of days. I’m not quite sure if I can manage to do any sports, but we’ll see.

SE 3.0 – Interim Report – #5

Another week has past and the project is still up and running. Just like me.

I actually had some serious digestion problems. This led me to a slow down of my training program. I mainly avoided the treadmill or in other words, I had to do several breaks to calm down. I can’t run with little aches and pains and I also don’t want to take sports to a point where it’s a sort of a suffering. I did a lot of spinning, used the elliptical and took a few rides on my mountain bike.

Last has also been a week of seduction. I was invited to a wedding and weddings are very well known for lots and lots of delicious, calorie rich food. I was aware of myself and the training program that I’m currently in and wasn’t eating like I would normally do under “usual circumstances”. To be honest, I’m that kind of person that eats like a sodding pig as soon as I can get fine and tasty things to eat.

My discipline has paid off well and the scale did not bump out and presented me a freaking high value. In fact, I’m still making progress and my weight is still going down. Dropping below the 100 kg mark will be difficult, but it’s possible.

Sports in general has become a routine over the last couple of weeks. It’s still nothing disturbing or something that bothers me terribly. I feel fine with this whole situation and I can’t even wait to actually start going to gym or grab my bike to simply power myself a little off. Like I already mentioned in one of my previous, it’s finally fun and no longer a strong, dogmatic project. Sports has become a part of my life and I really look forward and also work hard on it to keep it that way.

If you’re that kind of person that is interested in some facts and statistics about my whole sports activities, you can follow me on ( ).

SE 3.0 – Interim Report – #4

Another week has passed and I’m still into the so called “Straight Edge Project 3.0”

Basically, everything has turned out as a fine routine that doesn’t bother me much. To be honest, I do not currently feel like doing anything else than sports. I went to gym four times and I took two one hour rides last week with my bicycle with a distance of 23 km. According to my fitness app did it burn almost 1,700 kcal each. The cardio program over the week burned around 7,000 kcal and I made a distance of almost 90 km. Very exciting numbers that will hopefully get a decent meaning in the future.

Just for comparison, in the week of 25.06. to 01.07. I burned 4,087 kcal. In addition, I do not feel exhausted or anything similar. It was one of my problems the weeks before that I totally needed to rest for some days. But thanks to the diversity of my training schedule I’m able to keep my sports activities up for five to six days a week, without burning out.

This was also one of the main problems I had with my previous projects. It was always the same and it started to feel like Groundhog Day. These days I have all kinds of different sports activities to face during the week and that means a lot of gas. I absolutely enjoy sports and do not see it as a duty or something forced. It costs a lot of my spare time, but I currently do not actually have a problem with that. Week days are mainly dead days when it comes to social interaction.

One of the most important numbers people are interesting in, when talking about fitness programs is the loss of weight. In my case, I started back in May with something around 110 to 112 kg with a height of 188 cm. My body mass index was scratching the 31. Currently my weight is around 104 to 106 kg with a BMI of something around 29.5, which is still obese. Luckily, one does not recognize me as an obese person. Mother nature gifted me a fine figure, that still suffers from tons of unwanted fat packages, but in the end I don’t look like a typical burger-fast-food-victim.

My plan, or first milestone I want to reach, is to get below the 100 kg. Hopefully it will happen by the end of August. I don’t want to lose weight to fast, because I think, and know, that this is not healthy. I also plan to start a jog outside in free nature by the end of August. I’m not on a rush. And I don’t want to lose the fun for sports by being impatient.

SE 3.0 – Interim Report – #3

Another week, another sports report. In case you’ve missed it, Spain is the old and new European Champion in football. But that’s not what this post is actually about. The last week wasn’t a very successful one. I’ve managed to do what I wanted to, but it felt kinda hard and tough.

The weather is currently very warm and I’m that kind of person that heats up very quick. One of my main problems on the treadmill is the heat I produce. I sweat like a waterfall without actually getting any cooling. I’ve to do several breaks during a run on the treadmill. Not because I’m getting tired or something, I’m getting too warm. Like I said before, the weather is also a reason.

I’ve been in a great condition on Saturday, where I managed to stay almost three hours in the gym doing my strength program followed by endurance/cardio training. I spent only thirty minutes on the treadmill. I felt great and like I could run for hours, but I ran into another overheating problem. The rest of my gym session was spent on the elliptical. Always a good way to cool down a little bit while also burning calories.

Apart from that fact that everything felt a little bit like chewing gum, I’ve to say, that I’m getting better. I’m no longer that exhausted during the week as I was weeks before. Sports finally turns into a part of my daily living and it also doesn’t bother me, that there’s such a great loss of spare time, that I could use for other things as well. It does no longer feel like a duty, it’s more a hobby that I totally enjoy. I hope that this condition will last.

My weight decreased a tiny little bit, but not that much. Which is good actually. I don’t want to see the value on the scale to drop in an enormous speed. Which is, logically, quite unhealthy. I still stick to my nutrition plan, if one can call this a nutrition plan. Exceptions are set for the weekends. But it does not end in excessive gluttony. One pizza or something similar has to be enough and it actually does the job and calms my lust for anything else pretty well.

These are the key data for the last week of my straight ede 3.0 project. Stay tuned!