WoW – Wrath of the Hack King

So my odyssey continues. After having too many problems with my brand new World of Warcraft aka authenticator I decided to disable this piece of modern technique and choosed to run my account without it. I have to mention that the authenticator ran out of sync.

WoW- Blood Elf Paladin by ~lychi

Yesterday I received a mail from that my password was modified and that I should ignore that message if it was me who modified the password. Of course it wasn’t me who changed the password. After hanging out in the Blizzard waitung line for about 30 minutes and listening to the World of Warcraft title score for nearly 10,000 times the guy one the other end of line told me that my account was actually hacked. I don’t know how these stupid retarted hacker kids did this but it was hacked. Once again I changed my password and so on and hopefully it will stay that way without external interventions and hacker attacks.

I also ordered a new authenticator and hopefully it will be more in sync as the old did (or didn’t). On the other hand I also have to admit that the Blizzard support team is really helpful and polite, the only thing that sucks is the relatively long time of waiting. I still like WoW and, like I said, I hope that I will be able to continue playing without any interruptions in the future.

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