Dead Space Bavaria

If there’s one thing I don’t like about Germany then it’s Bavaria. Once again did this state prove that they are way to much withdrawn and live in the world of yesterday. When it comes to intollerance, you will find Bavarians in front row. When it comes to constrict something, you will find Bavarians in front row. Like they did within the last few weeks. EA’s going to release “Dead Space 2” this January but it looks like as if it is not going to get released in Germany by that time, too. Because when it comes to censorship, the Bavarians are the undisputed masters in the whole wide world. Without a doubt, “Dead Space 2” is a game for adults and truely deserves an age rating “M” or PEGI18. That’s not enough for the old-fashioned bavarian government. They used a kind of veto right against the decision of the USK (the institution in Germany responsible for rating games, movies and all kinds of media) and caused costs and costs and costs for the publisher. EA had to customise the game several times that even the bavarian government will accept a rating for this game. If there’s no rating the game will be banned off the german market and you won’t even find ads, commercials, reviews or reports for/about this game. It makes me sad and angry that videogames are still seen as the root of all evil and that some people make them responsible for everything. But it makes me angry the most that this causeless accusation always comes from Bavaria.

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