Slightly getting back to basics

There’s something wrong in the state of Denmark… not that I know, but I just wanted to start the post with a sentence that does not start with “I was blabla…”

Actually, I’m a little pissed by myself because I simply don’t feel like I should. No, I’m sick in any kinda way, but it’s my whole condition that bothers me. I’ve got a hell too much weight hanging on my bones, I’m once again unsatisfied with my job and I haven’t found the time to actually follow up some of my hobbies. But first things first. The whole weight thing is going to change, definately. I just ordered new tires and flexible tubes for my bicycle to get mobile again, because I’m so nerved of walking. Getting me back on the road also means that I personally will get a little bit more “sportish”. I just love to cruise around with my bike around the city without any specific destination. Most importantly, I’m going to grab my photo camera to catch some fine moments while being on the road. I miss shooting with my and even though I don’t have the real talent to be a great photographer I’ll keep on doing this, because this is giving the relaxation I actually need in my daily life.

Over the last couple of days and weeks I had to struggle with lots of system and hardware crashes at home (that’s the curse of having so many PCs) that I had to fix that I had a massive lack of free time actually. First it was my gaming system that died while upgrading to Windows 7 SP1. I fixed this issue to about 90 per cent. After having solved this particular problem, the raid system in my HTPC started having issues as well and one hard drive wasn’t running as stable as I would like it to be. I replaced the hard drives, cloned the whole system, rescued the data and installed a fresh, new system which isn’t finished yet already. I’m not in a hurry with that one and I’m not going to stress me with that one. As long as the XBMC is running, everything is fine.


There’s a trip to London coming up within the next two weeks and right after that I’ll restart doing early sessions at the gym again. I’m stressed and nerved and bothered with the packed gym right after work and I’m sure to gain much more when I’ll go to gym pretty early. I’ll also change my nutrition as well and get back to the healthy way of life. To get the facts straight, I’m going back the roots of my personal straight edge project. It’s clear for me, that I don’t want to live the way how I live at the moment because it’s simply not good for me. I’m doing fine when it comes to points like stamina but I completely fail meanwhile due to things like pure strength.

Anyhow, it’s curious to see how everything goes down the drain when my bike’s broke. It’s always the same, the tires burst and I gain pounds and pounds and pounds. There seems to be some kind of an invisible band between me and my bike. Like it was between Elliot and E.T. in the movie of the same title. If my bike’s doing well, I’m doing well. If my bike’s getting sick, I’m doing sick.

Till my short vacation I’ll keep my gym schedule as it is now and I’ll do some slight changes to my nutrition. The tough break is going to be right after the vacation which leads me back to no sweets and candy. I’ll also reduce the amount of coffee per day, which is now at an average of four to five huge cups a day. I’ll also reduce the consumption of Diet Coke for one simple reason, Diet Coke causes hunger and hunger finally leads me to eating and eating causes weight. Well, there are tons of things that will change all with this one particular goal to get back to a healthier nutrition, but one the other hand I’m not going to live like monk in a monastery. I still want to get a little bit of fun out of life.

PS: If you want to ask about the pic in this post, well, I just thought “Sex Sells”

50mm love

No, God damn it, not what you think, this post is about one of my new lenses for my photo camera, horny, naughty bastards ( ^^ ). I bought my first lens with a fixed focal length, the Canon EF 50mm/1,8 II. As you can see in the name, the focal length is 50mm and I can get up to aperture 1,8, which is absolutely fantastic for shooting very close objects. Additionally did I buy a set of extension tubes, which work very well in conjunction with the Canon lens and the increased focus and newly gained macro abilities are awesome. I’ve done some test shots, yes of course, and the final results were as sharp as the razor blade of Stone Cold Steve Austin. I’m very, very… I mean, VERY amused by the depth of field that you can get with such a lens and this apterture. As far as I know does this lens only use five fins to actually open/close for the exposure but the bokeh it actually builds in the area of the depth of field looks very smooth and soft and not too edgy.

Finally, this lens is apparently awesome and totally fulfils all my needs and requirements. I’m really looking forward to do the first macro shots with this lens in combination with the extension and I’m also really, really excited about doing the first portrait shots with this lens. A nice toy for just 100,- EUR and of course something to fall in love with.

Stroke your EOS

It has been a while since my last photography related post and the reason for this is very simple. Everything I produced with my camera during the last weeks was a bunch of crap and absolutely worthless. I completely miscalculated the amount of creativity needed to produce nice pics. My opinion was that I take my camera, see something worth to shoot and hit the trigger. I am not talking about technical obstacles to take, it is all about the creativity. It depressed me in a way that the results varied so drastically but like every ‘artist’ you have to gain positive energy even from a misery.

I was near selling my camera and giving up my newly discovered hobby but I finally cleared my mind and continued my discovery into the great world of photography. I am going to release some of the brand new pics in my gallery here on and some hand picked and very nice ones will find their way to and their related groups. What should I say, I survived my personal lack of creativity and will definately continue photography. I plan to go mainly further with taking landscape pictures over the next two or three month and if some routine comes into play and every technical question is answered I plan to get into more into macro and portait photography. Hopefully I will be able to find some distinctive motives for portrait photography.

Let’s fix this

By browsing through one of my favourite websites Deviant Art I discovered that there is a huge fan base in photography for one special focal length – 50mm. I’m thinking about buying a lens with a fixed focal lenght too because of various reasons.

#1 – I don’t want to get lame and lazy caused by an almighty zoom telephoto lens. I cannot deny that I have caught myself several times by just zoom in to my motif instead of walking a little bit closer. Let us say, I believe that photographers using fixed focal lenses are more sporty than the zooming fraction.

#2 – It’s simplier. Just sharp the motif and you’ll be fine.

#3 – The “amount of light” that hits the “film” is bigger, better, faster, finer, beautifuller, advantager and just UBER… seriously, most lenses with fixed focal length come with a much higher aperture cap than the ones with zoom abilities. And I really, really like high apertures… not just only because of the light, it’s more a thing of depth of focus.

Well, by now I am not sure which lens will be mine in the distant future. I am stuck between 28mm, 50mm and 85mm. I’ll check this out and let you know when I finally came to a conclusion. But one thing is for sure, I like it fixed 🙂