Turning the facebook page

I’m experimenting these days. Well, I’m always experimenting with something, but these days it’s something with a kind of a public interest. It’s Facebook. What I recently did was to deactivate my account to see if there’s some loss in my everyday life.

For a sample purpose do I reactivate the account very early in the morning. To get absolutely sure, I also deactivated the chat and I’m not visible to anyone. I’m doing this to see, if there’s any kind of information with any true importance that I could have missed.

To be honest, the standard that Facebook’s reached baffles all descriptions. I’m aware that some friends of mine that I currently have on Facebook find this offensive, but it’s a matter of fact that this platform that was intended to stay in contact with friends turns more and more into a hilarious website like Reddit oder Imgur.

by strany

Most of the posts that I read on Facebook are about funny vids someone has found on YouTube or stupid pictures of whatever. I also started posting cute cat pictures everyday because it simply draws more attention than a post about my current mental state or something truly important.

Another thing that displeases me is that some people mistake Facebook for a group ware. And their circle of friends is a giant office that needs to be managed. I don’t have a problem with information about interesting upcoming events, but when it comes to invitations for such things I still prefer the old fashioned way like getting a call similar. But it seriously makes me disgruntled when I get receive invitations on for several events on Facebook. What is it? Am I at work and anyone else manages my schedule? For Christ’s sake, NO.

When it comes to such things, Facebook is a toy application. It’s good to make people get to know several things, but it’s a giant, epic fail when it comes to managing dates and events. Even Google fails on this and I personally believe that this deserves no attention in someone’s spare time. If there’s someone I care about I contact this person in a more personal way and not in such an anonymous way like Facebook does.

Did people truly become that pathetic that they interact with each other these days by using “Like”-buttons and “share” certain (meaningless) interests. I find it seriously frightening to see, how many waste their evenings on Facebook, even when it’s just running in the background. The amount of information that gets actually shared shrunk to such a minimum that it’s not even worth to boot up your computer for that or waste battery capacity of your smart phone.

by strany

On the other side, some people offer so much information about themselves on Facebook that you basically know more about them than you know about your own person. And this makes turns a lot of people into something that I use to call “discounted friends”. It was once part of an add that was running on TV, “We’ve got so many friends that we don’t even know how to call our real friends.”

The most disappointing thing about these whole modern social networking is, that a lot of people actually believe that these people in their friends list are truly friends. But when they would think for like five minutes and try to remember who their real friends are and how they once used to interact with each other, they hopefully find back to the path of the righteous.

I’m not sure if this is the right way that modern society has currently chosen, but I believe, that we turn more and more into these recently mentioned “discounted friends” and it’s getting harder with every day that passes by to find some real friends. Facebook did not make interacting with friends easier, it just made you care less. It turned communication into a one button solution. And it’s the perfect vindication for a society that spins faster each and every day.