Musical exploration

About 10 years ago I finally finished the work on my very first solo musical output. I don’t want to say record or CD release because technically it was a bundle release of some of my older and newer compositions in MP3 format on the internet as a free download. I didn’t even made a big thing out of it and it didn’t find many listeners, I guess the downloads were something around a 1.000 “copies”. During a flush of excitement I started composing on something that would be more structured and even got a kind of concept included. Those days the concept was raw spoken ‘man enslaved by his own machines’ and the ‘record’ should have sounded in a way like this. Raw, dark and unsettling.

Curiously the working progress stopped after two compositions and was never touched again. One reason was that I abruptly lost interest in that project and secondly my music equipment and everything that comes into play with such a project could not measure up the requirements. One problem was that I had no software that could handle MIDI files and WAVE Samples at once and the hardware I owned was a bunch of crap too. I was in the need for something new those days because I wanted to get away from the classical composing based on a score and MIDI only that was finally pushed in quality by using SoundFonts and overdubbing several audio tracks. My goal was to mix MIDI with the use of samples, which is nothing that causes excitement but like I said my remedies were straight limited.

Over the years the whole thing fell into limbo. But yesterday everything returned while I was browsing through some of my old files because I was literally¬†looking for the master of my first release. There they were, my old drum tracks, my old sketches, my old MIDI files… EVERYTHING. I always thought the whole data got lost one day but my backup strategy worked in a way. I instantly started to investigate what I actually found and if everything is still working and if I can use and/or rebuild everything to work on it 2k10 style. By now around 80% of the files that I’ve found are suitable and compatible. The other 20% are not worth to put time and energy on or it can be rebuild in a different way to make it suitable again.

I guess you know what that means, after TEN (!) years I am going to continue the work on my second solo music release. I have the remedy, I have my files, I have ideas and I have the will to bring it to a satisfying end.