A walk on the straight side

The first two days of my “Living straight edge” project has past and the first impression I got – “Damn, this is seriously tough”

Curiously the smallest problem I had was to stop smoking, the problem that is/was even worth was to disclaim sweets, candy and caffeine. Now I know how much I am addicted to caffeine and my once beloved Coke Zero. According to the sleep problems I got in the last few month and the tiny amount of sleep and rest every night I would say that this is one of the larger steps to be taken, to get away from caffeine.

Another thing that nearly drove me mad were the seductions everywhere. Wherever you go to you will find something really tasty that wants to be bought, that wants to be eaten and that wants to be consumed. I was a kind of shocked from myself that I am so devotional to tasty food. I have to confess that I was a sinner by ordering a Diet Coke in a restaurant because I was not regarding the rules of my project and forget the caffeine paragraph. I am sorry and promise to do better in the future. Well, the next step to take is the four times of sport a week. My enthusiasm is around zero degree but I am pretty sure that this is going to change within the first training sessions.

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