Heating edge

This week is by far the weakest week in my straight edge project. I made it only one time off to gym and it felt like a torture. You must know that the summer broke in to our country and the temperature increased drastically. It feels like you’re melting away the whole day. Another point why I didn’t made it off to gym is my nowadays tiredness. I feel a kind of burnt out and pretty exhausted at the moment because everything simply stresses me and I can barely catch a clear thought while concentrating on anything.

Straight Edge - wallpaper by ~x-vegan-x

I am proud to announce that there were no backlashs. I resisted alcohol and cigarettes and I kept to my latest rule change. My weight also did not increase and is a kind of stable for now. By the beginning of next week and after catching a looooot of sleep over the weekend I will definately go to gym every workday. There’s still the goal to reach 96kg (211.64lbs) by the beginning of my vacation in two weeks and by reaching the last milestone in this very first straight edge project of mine. Straight edge 2.0 is on its way…

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