Outta shape, dude!

After having celebrated the couch potatoe-esque way of life for quite a while I’m finally tired of it. Over and over again do I reach a point I feel like “Hey, now it’s getting seriously out of control.

I’m not announcing a big program, like I did in the past, here but right now I’m at a point where it is time to get a little bit more healthier and find a way back on regular track. This is also because I found that I’ve finally reached an age where the “DeLorean is far beyond the point of no return”

I’ll maybe explain this in a later post but not right now. Anyhow, my bag is finally packed for gym tomorrow and I also have to say that this time I feel a little bit afraid. I’ve gained massive, massive, massive overweight and I also feel a little ashamed about me BUT it’s no condition that cannot be changed. My daily schedule leaves enough room for fitness once again and one slightly set goal is go for a jog by the beginning of November that will last for about half an hour or more. Till now I’m only used to these machines in the gym but I feel more like getting out a little bit more.

Another urgency, it’s getting colder and colder and the point where I HAVE to wear long pants draws near. Actually, I won’t fit in one of those at my certain condition, or I simply die of frost this winter 🙂

I’ll keep you informed and wish me luck…

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