2012 – The end is nigh

2012 is a terrible year when it comes to video games. There’s not much to expect this year that is worth spending time on. The terrible stats for this year, I started playing “Mass Effect 3” but stopped during mission two. I bought “Syndicate” that I stopped playing during the tutorial because the light effects simply made me sick. Then I got “Street Fighter X Tekken” a few weeks ago and that is the game that I actually play from time to time. Sadly did I have to cancel my “DC Universe Online” subscription, which is mainly due to a lack of time (like always).

One game that catches me from time to time is “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, but even though it’s a giant RPG with tons and tons of stuff to discover it never really soaked me into it. The main reason for this is, for me personally, the missing story or this threat that catches you. I feel most of the time like, ‘Hey, this is your giant RPG world, now go for it!’

Nevertheless, the near future with its upcoming game releases looks dark, if you ask me. There’s some light at the end of the tunnel with great titles like “Far Cry 3” and “Borderlands 2”, but apart from these two, I don’t see myself gaming any new stuff. Maybe, but this is just a maybe, “Max Payne 3” can become a blockbuster. I liked its predecessor, but on the other hand, it wasn’t the perfect game like everyone says.

So what is left this year, almost nothing. Probably the “Torchlight 2” will kick some, but this is “just” an indie title. “Diablo III” actually does not bother me. I don’t know why, but “Diablo II” bored me to death and it looked absolutely terrible. I preferred “Dungeon Siege” back in the days, simply because it was way more charming for the eyes. And in addition, these days, PC gamers also had the uber-RPG called “Baldur’s Gate”. Who the hell needed a stupid Diablo game?

Well, as far as I can see, I’ll spend my time with several other things. Like photography and my Danbos. Like sports. Like progressive masturbation. Like watching stuff on YouTube┬«. Or I’ll just hang around and do nothing. Or I’ll read a book, if you still know what this is.

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