Lags, horrible LAGS

I would like to make a proposal. Days with 36 hours would be very nice. Why am I not having the time for anything? I have this bad foreshadowing that it got something to do with my work. Since I’ve been working my amount of free time decreased over the years. While hanging out in school or my apprenticeship and even my civilian service I had much more free time.

Delorean 2 by ~UtterBen

Even though I can’t say that I waste my time on useless things like watching pr0ns on the internet or raiding 12 hours per day in World of Warcraft. My maximum of sleep is around 5-6 hours per night so this can’t be the root of all evil that sucks my free time away. I don’t know what it is but I always have time for nothing. Maybe I should go and start some black hole investigations or bye me a DeLorean and build up a flux capacitator.

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