One week after

Over one week has passed in the straight edge project and though it was tough on the very first weekend I can say that it is getting easier every day. But on the other hand I have to admit that it is still hard to resist the seductions in every day life. Everytime whenI feel the need to eat something sweet and delicious or when I just get an appetite for food I suck a licorice drop. I also have to say that it is easy to resist seductions when you are on own and everything is in a kind of “under control” but as soon as you leave the house and visit some friends for example you see that control is getting loose and you find more and more obstacles on your way to be straight edge. It is natural to serve coffee when you visit someone at 3:00pm and it is also natural when visit someone with a new born baby with a small group visitors that this person is not going to cook something special for you when it comes to dinner. I am not sure if I should feel like a sinner because I can’t say that my nutrition was always “perfect” but I was mainly¬†eating a kind of unhealthy in groups when there was no other choice. I know that this is no excuse but I haven’t found a potential solution by know.

Fitness 3 by ~Swisst

Another announcement I have to make is that I started to go to gym before work at about 5:00am in the morning. I was a little bit of skeptic if I can have the workout with the same intense like it is in the evening. Finally I found out that there is no difference for me in my overall ability and last but not least that a workout in the morning is much more efficient for someone like me who wants to lose weight and fat. I do not eat breakfast before gym in the morning so the fat burning progress is starting much earlier as it is going to happen on a workout in the evening.

One serious problem I found in combination with my workout is that I cannot measure my progress by watching my weight because it going up and down on a high level around 204 – 208lbs. I guess it would be a finer way to control progress if I start measuring belly, arms and legs weekly. One goal of training is to gain muscles and my sustentation includes a lot of proteine so I personally think that I gained a lot muscles over the last days so that controlling weight will not indicate how much fat I lost.

Next positive thing I have to mention is that I found fun in cooking. I am not a very talented cook but it is fun at all to do more than opening the pizza box and placing the pizza in cooker. My cooked meals are mainly made with chicken and rice. Chicken to gain proteine and rice to fill the stomach and receive as little calories as possible. And, of course there are always some fresh vegetables included in my meal like tomatoes and pepper.

My final conclusion after more than one week of living straight edge is that I feel much better and healther though the project is only over one week old and definately will continue with this. By now I don’t see something that will make so frustrated that I feel the need to quit.

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