Stuck and screwed up

My feet were totally burning and I was totally wiped out when I arrived back home from my photo trip yesterday. I took 166 picutes on my way through nearly the whole city centre and its parks. The whole time I had this strange feeling that something is not right. That something will not fit… the thing that did not fit were my pictures I took. Too bright, wrong angle, wrong composition et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…

I guess I was a kind of over-motivated from the weekend before, were nearly every shot I took gave me a satisfying result, or let us say, I got what I expected. It’s a way of depressing with results of such a wide difference in quality from one weekend to the other. I screwed up and I am actually not sure if there is one single picture that is worth to be released in public or in my gallery.

I am stuck and hopefully the Gordian knot will cut on my next photo trip.

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